airqueen sanitary pads

Air Queen nano Sanitary Napkins (Pads)

AIRQUEEN Super Ultra Slim Pads, Real Breathable Certified 100% Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads for Period – Ultra Slim & Super Absorbency Sanitary Napkins with Wings

About AirQueen Sanitary Pads

  • 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON TOP SHEET – Combining 100% organic cotton cover with 100% breathable fibers.
  • REAL BREATHABLE PADS : Top Sheet – Hypoallergenic, breathable and soft / Side Panel – Added protection against the spread of fluids
  • OUTSTANDING AIR FLOW : Nano-Membrane – Real breathability
  • ABSORBENT SEP SHEET : High-density absorbent, maximum security aginst leaks
  • ULTRA SLIM DESIGN : Flexible and comfortable to move with you and keep protection where you need it. Discreet for everyday freshness.
air queen sanitary pad
air queen sanitary pad


The world’s first nano-material sanitary pad ‘Air Queen,’ 


Most conventional brands use polyethylene layers that provide strong leak protection, yet are far less breathable.

Trapped bacteria due to lack of oxygen is the main culprit for skin irritations and unpleasant odors – That’s not good.

Our specialized Nano-membrane is carefully designed, three-dimensionally applied web structure fabric built to provide unparallel airflow without compromising waterproofness.

AirQueen sanitary Pads Story

We realized that young girls and women were often struggling with their periods and tired of the irritating rashes, unpleasant odors, and harmful chemicals found when using conventional brands.

We believe young girls and woman deserve better. They deserve products that provide them with the reliable protection they need without having to worry about the negative effects on their bodies.

We combine natural ingredients and advanced breathable materials to enhance the safety and functionality of our pads. Our pads are free from chlorine, fragrances, and made without the use of any hazardous materials.

We hope to raise the standards of quality in the industry and encourage young girls and woman to feel confident in their bodies by providing them with the highest quality of feminine care.

AirQueen Pad Breathable Nano-Membrane


  • Our specially engineered breathable nano-membrane film enhances the breathability of our pads by 20,000x and has 6x the moisture vapour transmission rate compared to conventional brands. Breathability is one of the key factors in helping minimize skin irritations and unpleasant odors caused by less breathable pads.
  • The breathable nano-membrane is a web structured fabric where multiple layers of nanofibers are applied three-dimensionally ensuring liquid resistance and outstanding breathability. The nanofibers have a thickness of about 1/500th of human hair, approximately 300nm. The breathable nano-membrane provides 100% waterproofness and outstanding breathability with over 85% porosity.
organic pads

100% Organic Cotton

The cotton cover is gathered from an environment that has been chemical free for at least 3 years and made into our pads without the use of any hazardous materials. (OCS 100 Certified)


Side Gather Design

At our core, we use a high-density absorbent and secure side gather panels to help prevent period leaks or overflows to the wings.

Air Queen SAnitary Pads advantages.

  • Breathable nano-membrane to keep you dry throughout the day
  • Hypoallergenic and soft with 100% certified organic cotton cover
  • High-density absorbent and side gather panels for maximum protection against leaks
  • Non-toxic ingredients and adhesives
  • Chlorine and fragrance free
  • Super slim design with portable resealable packs
nano pads

One Day, One Pack

Perfect for when you are on the go with a portable resealable pack design that fits perfectly in your purse.

One day, one pack is all you need.

Patent Certification

Patent Certification

SGS Test Report

SGS Test Report

FITI Test Report

FITI Test Report

OCS Certification

OCS Certification

air queen pads
airqueen pads
airqueen nano sanitary pads

Airqueen Pads are 100% pure organic cotton

The pads also use a 100% pure organic cotton cover for a soft fit and made without the use of any hazardous materials. The core provides reliable protection with a high-density absorbent with secured side panels to prevent period leaks.

Made with natural ingredients and advanced breathable materials, we provide organic, safe, and effective feminine care for all types of flow.

The pad sizes currently offered include medium (with wings), large (with wings)overnight (with wings), and liners. Each pad is packaged in an easy to use resealable portable pack that fits perfectly in your purse.

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